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There will never be two identical pieces. Each one is unique and different. Their spherical shape in combination to their extraordinary look, gives you the sense that they come from an outer space, like comet pieces turned into planters. Dirty Roots Berlin, began as a simple idea and ended up to be a fascinating and […]

One of the books that is always fascinating to read and provokes feelings that speak to the heart is “home is where the heart is?” by the famous British interior and furniture designer Isle Crawford. Crawford is based in London and implements projects with her multi-disciplinary team all around the world. With this book, she […]

Glad you came by. If you have already scrolled over the “About” tab then you now know that we are a group of very passionate and driven individuals, eager to create unique emotions that echo all aspects of everyday life. The idea of our studio has begun about one year ago and the timing has […]