Icons exhibition, by Paparazzi

Paparazzi Exhibition-51

‘Icons’ is a solo exhibition by street artist and muralist Paparazzi, at Obliq.

The body of this exhibition consists of portraits of interesting and bright people that made an impact throughout history. This is a collection of influential icons from all backgrounds, fields and times, who somehow changed our understanding and sparked change. The diversity and multicultural nature of the collection aims to remind one that we all can coexist beyond the “status”.

In his murals and paintings one can see a contemporary adaptation of the iconic characters, interpreting calligraphy elements and graffiti lettering as forms of shadows and light, but also hidden elements of symbolic language such as arrows and hearts. Drawing beyond the frame forces one to break the boundaries and each background provides a hint on the character or where they come from.

The juxtaposition is apparent with the use of classic ornate vintage frames and the contrasting graffiti art style. The contrasting styles of classic and modern create a new dialogue that resonates with its surroundings, being in a neo-classical environment.

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