Welcome to /OBLIQ


Glad you came by. If you have already scrolled over the “About” tab then you now know that we are a group of very passionate and driven individuals, eager to create unique emotions that echo all aspects of everyday life.

The idea of our studio has begun about one year ago and the timing has never felt more right. Obliq is located in the most architecturally scenic part of the city, Limassol’s old town, in a very intimate neoclassical gallery becoming a synonym of timeless elegance and ultimate finesse.

With this said, we are now ready and super excited to welcome you to our world. We are here and we promise to imagine, design and deliver spaces that will engage and unwrap all your senses.

Our studio will always aim to evolve because all of us are. You are. The world is. So, don’t get too comfortable! We look forward to surprising you.

Much love,
/OBLIQ team