Dirty Root Berlin


There will never be two identical pieces. Each one is unique and different. Their spherical shape in combination to their extraordinary look, gives you the sense that they come from an outer space, like comet pieces turned into planters.

Dirty Roots Berlin, began as a simple idea and ended up to be a fascinating and creative project for an artistic American-Polish couple, Adam Cotorceanu and his girlfriend, Agnieszka.

The passionate creators make the exceptional round pots out of concrete and volcanic rocks. Besides the uniqueness of each planter though, what really makes this whole project so interesting and special is that every production step they follow is handmade. The artists begin by mixing the concrete to give texture and colour(s) to the pots and then add the volcanic rocks hence producing the perfect living environment for your plants.




The most exciting part for the plant-loving couple comes at the end, when they get to choose a plant and a name for each pot they produce. Most of the names come from asteroids or comets, like Hale-Bopp, Kalliope or Orion’s Belt, which definitely match their appearance.

The breathing planters have drainage holes and they also come with a saucer that not only match the design of the planter of your choice but also can provide additional stability if required. These plant-pot combinations are available in three different sizes, small – medium – giant and you can find them online on their web shop, at a very affordable price.

Adam and Agnieszka’s passion and love for this project reflects on every single planter. Each one is a one-of-a-kind-piece, absolutely beautiful and certainly an eye-catching creation that will add something extra to your place and your plant collection.